Why I am loving my new Lei Momi camera bag


I love my new Lei Momi.  It’s stylish.  It’s practical.  I can fit my DSLR, purse, nappies and wipes in with room to spare.  My gear feels safe in it.  And best of all, it allows me to take my camera with me wherever I go.


That last bit has been the most important for me.  My camera (for the first time in years!) has been travelling with me wherever I go.  And I am capturing some images that make this little mummy’s heart very happy.  They are not images I’ll be framing and putting out on display.  But they are images of my angels in their day-to-day routine.  Loving life.  Doing the normal things.  Playing with friends.  Waiting (grumpily) for their pink milkshake to arrive.  Holding hands in the shopping centre.  Helping me with the groceries.  Super excitedly waving at me from the Thomas the Tank Engine ride.  Walking with daddy at the park.  Just being.



I had stopped taking these everyday shots on my DSLR before my Lei Momi camera bag arrived.  Instagram and I are very good friends and my camera phone has been doing a lot of day-to-day shots for me.  But there is no doubt about it – my DSLR kicks it’s butt when it comes to great images.  I am so happy to have it out and about with me again.  I won’t be turning back in a hurry.

I am also loving the fact that my ‘camera bag’ now looks much more like a handbag than something containing expensive photo gear.  It feels a bit safer, and less noticeable than carrying a separate camera bag that is obviously for that purpose.

So thank you Lei Momi!!  You have made it easy for me to carry my camera with me where ever I go and feel a little bit more stylish while doing it!   The record of my kids childhood will be all the better for it too – Instagram is good … but it’s no comparison for a DSLR.

Liana x

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gillian vanNiekerk - so great to find these gorgeous “non blokey” bags!

Stephanie Anderson - Beautiful! Lusting after a grey Alice!!

admin - They are gorgeous aren”t they … i wouldn’t normally do this but “A little delightful” have one up for grabs now. check it out at http://www.alittledelightful.com/2013/04/review-giveaway-lei-momi-camera-bags.html