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A tip for getting natural smiles from the kids

If you’ve been following our blog for a while now you’ll be aware that Janet and I aren’t big fans ofView full post »

How to take photos of fast activities – In Focus

Do you ever struggle to take ‘sharp’, or “in-focus” photos of your children?  It’s aView full post »

Just snap it!

I’ll make this one quick … just like the photo needs to be! Family get togethers are special times and forView full post »

Sleep tight

I love my children … but just a little more when they are sleeping. So when they are asleep, I’m notView full post »

Click, click, and then click some more …

To be honest I may personally take this advice a little too far but I find it works for me. Even after you’veView full post »

Tips for telling stories with your photos

When I fell in love with photography I also fell in love with the concept of using my photos to tell the story of myView full post »

Five for Fun – Frames & Framing

This month we are exploring a really simple technique to add something extra to your photos – frames & framingView full post »

How to use backgrounds to enhance and simplify your photos

We are constantly on the look out for ways to easily improve our photographs.  One of my all time favourites isView full post »

Capturing “them” perfectly

I would say that my main aim as a Mum the Photographer is to capture the personalities of my children.  ThatView full post »

What are leading lines?

This month we will be focusing on “leading lines” in our Five for Fun project. I thought a quick postView full post »

Easy backdrops

This morning I just wanted to share a quick posing tip with you. It’s only a short post because this doesnView full post »

The first 12 months

My little girl is already one month old … and didn’t that month just fly by. Of course she hasView full post »

A few tips for photographing toddlers

My little girl and her cousin have both just turned 18 months old.  Such a lovely, lovely stage.  Lots of laughter andView full post »

Newborn photography tips … easy ones we can all do

To say that I am excited about being able to take photos of my beautiful new baby girl would be an understatementView full post »

Here’s a quick way to capture your child’s natural smile

In my quest to even up the balance of photos in my house at the moment, Caleb might be feeling a little like aView full post »

One for the kids!

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d share a gift idea for the kids!  Members will recognise theseView full post »

Lovely lashes

Eyelashes.  One of those gorgeous, tiny details of our children that capture the hearts of parents.  We wereView full post »

Removing a Boo Boo (or two) …

When Liana and I write these posts for you we draw on our own experiences when photographing our children asView full post »

Using the timer function to get yourself in the frame

I can’t describe how much I love the photo above.  And I love the ones to follow just as much.  Who would haveView full post »

Off to school! A milestone to be captured.

Last weekend I snapped a few photos of a little girl who is starting school this week.  I have seen this lovelyView full post »

A few tips on “posing” with Father’s Day in mind

As our followers will well know, we are not too big on “posed” shots.  But some times of the yearView full post »

Adding text to your camera snaps …

It’s a famous quote, I’ve even used it in a recent blog post  … “a picture tells a 1000View full post »

Using frames to add interest in a photo

This is the first post in a series that we will do over the coming weeks sharing the photos of each runner up inView full post »

What’s in the background?

Sometimes I use this blog as my confessional, and here goes another one … I am often guilty of being a lazyView full post »

A new perspective

I love changing up my perspective when I’m taking photos to add some interest and even help to tell theView full post »

Photo share

Hi everyone! We just had to share these photos that a mum recently submitted to the Finishing Room for a polish.View full post »

Why I’ll think twice before using the “reverse” camera on my iPhone

Does everyone know the ‘reverse’ camera button on the iPhone?  It’s the one in the top rightView full post »

Photographing Dad & the kids doing what they love

I love photographing my kids having fun, and no-one does fun in our family better than my husband Scott.  He&#View full post »

Think hats!

Melbourne Cup Day!  The biggest race day on Australia’s horse racing calendar and we are sure to see someView full post »

Family Shots

Last year I pledged (ME, THEM, WE?) that I was going to get myself into our family photos a lot more than I haveView full post »

Hello baby! The last of my newborn photo tips.

It’s official.  My tiny newborn has grown and changed.  We have welcomed the smiles and giggles withView full post »

Tips on photographing a newborn … when they aren’t quite as new!

We thought it about time to post some more tips on photographing newborns – this time focusing on when theyView full post »

Photos as a thank you

I am always touched at the kindness from family and friends when a baby is born and Quinn’s arrival was noView full post »

Quick guide to posed newborn photos

Hi everyone! Taking photos of newborns is one of my very favourite things to do – it’s such anView full post »

Clear the clutter!

Our Friday tip – to clear the clutter from your photos when ever possible! Upon purchasing our new bubbleView full post »

Creating some order …

This post is not dreamy like our last one …. but hopefully it will inspire albeit in a different sense. I&#View full post »

Quick iPhone tip

I learned recently that my iPhone takes a photo when I release my finger from the “shutter button”,View full post »

It’s all about the light

Mum the Photographer is here to help you take great photos of your own children. And the simplest way for you toView full post »

Why $7.90 is bringing me so much joy

I think I do a pretty good job of taking lots of photos of my kids. What I haven’t been so good at in theView full post »

Five for Fun

Through Mum the Photographer, we would like to help you build a great photographic record for you and your childView full post »

Expecting a newborn?

If you are expecting a newborn, like me, you’ll know that the anticipation reaches a fever pitch in yourView full post »

3 quick tips for taking great photos of children & adults together

For those of us Down Under, it’s Father’s Day this weekend which can often mean that the camera is dustedView full post »

Back to school photos – some tips and ideas!

If you are anything like me, you love photos of your kids.  Photos that you know you will look back on for yearsView full post »

“Say Cheese!” Or maybe not …

Everyone loves a big smile.  We love big smiles as much as the next person. However you really have to question whetherView full post »

Custom Christmas Cards

Have you seen some of the amazingly beautiful Christmas Card designs that are available this year?!!  I wasView full post »

Posed vs Planned

To pose, or not to pose??  I love natural looking photos.  Love them!!  But it is often hard to get the “View full post »

Questions to ask when you are looking for a new compact camera …

Let’s start out by saying that this post is not going to tell you what make and model camera to buy, and itView full post »

Birthday presents – a few tips on photographing the unwrapping mayhem!

Birthday morning in our household is a whirlwind.  It’s a whirlwind that whips through as soon as the sunView full post »

The tiny details

This post is all about capturing the emotion and feel of a special time in your little one’s life byView full post »

Instagram – I love you.

The title says it all really.  Instagram was downloaded to my phone only weeks ago (yes, I’m a little slowView full post »

Smiling for the camera …. or not!

Do you have trouble getting your kids to look at and smile for the camera?  We certainly do, especially when weView full post »

The why and how of Five for Fun

WHY Firstly, let’s look at “why?”   Why are we running a monthly photo challenge? Did you knowView full post »