The first 12 months


My little girl is already one month old … and didn’t that month just fly by. Of course she has already changed quite a bit just in that one month, which has got me thinking about the type of record I would like to keep over my baby girl’s first year.

There are lots of ways to document your baby’s first 12 months but I thought I would show you a couple of options I have stumbled across that I think are gorgeous. I’ve added these and a couple of other ideas to a pinterest board.

The idea of a photobook with text and a monthly photo appeals to me the most. Terribly, there are many little nuances about my 8yr old and 5yr old that i can’t remember though at the time I would have been gooey over them. Knowing this I’m going to write these things down with Quinn (and apologise profusely to my boys for not doing the same for them).

This template (alongside others) is available from Hanna Mac but you could create your own photobook with companies like Photobook Australia, Snap Fish etc.

chalkboard template


I’ve blogged this series by Young House Love previously. They took weekly photos on a bright fabric background. Amazingly they are still going 3 years later!!



This is an awesome prop idea by Ashley Ann, using a calender in the photos to keep a record …



And finally … I love the use of this onesie to give a size comparison over the months. I’ve seen this done a few times but this photo is from Erica’s Blog.


So I’ve taken the “one month” photos and now i just need to write down my thoughts. I have so much to say about how precious she is to our family that it might need to be a large book indeed!!

Hope you are all doing well,

Janet x



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