Slice of Perfect

I read a few blogs regularly (just like you religiously read Mum the Photographer, right?!), and one of these is Jill Krause’s Baby Rabies. I love her honest approach (as in Mother’s Day Sucked, PPA Sucks) and her photos are devine. They are everyday gorgeous! Recently she challenged her readers to a photography challenge to show their “Slice of Perfect in our Messy Reality” and I really wanted to join in … but life happened; we went to Melbourne, it was Quinn’s birthday, we renoed the kitchen, a ridiculously small bone was broken that threw us into a bit of chaos … so I missed the deadline.

But Jill’s post resonated so much with me that I really wanted to share it with you too. While we talk about “clearing the clutter” I like her positive tone of photographing a slice of perfect in a messy reality. To quote her ” there’s a pile of laundry to my left, and a sink full of dishes to my right. I just happened to crop them out of the picture”. Yep, that is me to a tee.

Jill gives you lots of tips to achieve a slice of perfect … and I’ve shown you my favourite below. I often shoot from above so that the mess on the kids level is cropped out.

I obviously don’t have one of those designer office spaces I see on so many blogger’s sites. I really should clean those cords up!! It makes for a very distracting background in a photo … but shooting from above is … well, my slice of perfect.

Thank you Jill for your great work at Baby Rabies. You make me smile, nod in agreeance, and make me want to give you a hug.

Janet xx

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Bonnie-Jean - How brilliant! I’m always very aware of what’s in the background but had never thought to shoot from above just for the everyday photos at home. Thanks for the tip!

Janet - Mum the Photographer - You’re welcome Bonnie-Jean, and thanks for leaving a comment!

Emma Fahy Davis - Such a great idea! I am forever tidying around shots or trying to frame them to crop out the clutter, it never occurred to me to shoot from above!

Toni @ Finding Myself Young - I take photos from above all the time for this exact reason.

It won’t be long …

I popped a Quick Tip up this week saying “Have a look at the photos you’ve been taking of your children recently. Have you captured everything you want to in their current phases … ”

If you go through my photos of late you’d think all the boys ever do is play soccer and Quinn just sits around on the soccer sideline. Now that’s not too far from the truth but obviously they do other things too! They mightn’t be the most exciting things but it won’t be long and they won’t be doing these everyday things any more. They’ll have moved onto new “everydays”. Quinn is such a lucky wee girl having two doting older brothers and they both love doing things for her. Will feeds her breakfast more often than I do! But apart from a quickly snapped instagram photo or two I haven’t captured his sweetness in feeding his little sister. So this morning that was my priority … well that and getting the boys out the door to school!

I’ve got a few other photos I need to take before the kids change so I’ve made a list that I’ll keep adding to as I see them doing something that I know will soon only be a memory. And unlike my “To Do” list (which in reality is a list of things I am never going to get to!!) these are going to be ticked off because these are the important things to me!

Janet x

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Win a Professional Photogrpahy Package

Those of you that follow us on Facebook might have seen that we’ve joined up with a few other businesses to giveaway a fantastic prize – a Professional Photography Package valued at $1700. Joining in a big competition like this is a bit out of the ordinary for us. We’ve shied away from these big events as we personally don’t enter competitions where you need to like a heap of businesses on facebook. But the prize in this one really rang true with us and all of our interests ….

To enter, simply click here!

From a business perspective, we’ve entered a competition like this to further increase our community. With a larger community we can have more interaction and more opportunities.

If its not your thing … just scroll on past the daily post you’ll see about it for the next week and rest assured we don’t enter these large competitions without thought to you our community.

Janet & Liana xx

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Mother’s Day on Pinterest

After sharing my Mother’s Day gift yesterday I have been so happy to hear that so many others are now planning on doing the same. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start so I find looking at other examples of poses gives me some ideas … of course sometimes they make me despondent when I see a stunning photo that I know I have no hope of achieving and that is when you need to hire a professional photographer! I’ve put together some photos of Mums with their children on Pinterest that might give you some ideas.

Be careful you don’t get stuck on that site for hours … its so addictive!

Jant x

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