Well Done!!

A couple of weeks ago we were asked for an easy way to pose a pre-schooler and a baby together. It was a really easy one to answer (♥ those questions!!) and we gave you all a tip which works for kids of any age.

We love it when everything comes full circle … the community member who asked the question has sent us the photo she has since taken and I think its an absolute winner. I love this photo because it is so natural. There was only one thing I didn’t like about this situation … this Mum asked me if I thought this photo was good enough to put on the wall. Forgive me for my bluntness … but HELL YES IT IS!

It’s left me thinking about what makes a photo worthy of displaying in our houses?? For me, its not about the quality of the photo or the perfection of photography techniques but more about how it makes me feel when I look at it. The eyes, the smiles …. those hands touching really get to me. If I had this photo of my children I’d be hanging it in my bedroom so that when I wake up I’d see the emotional connection between two pieces of perfection that I have had a hand in creating.

But I do get the question … printing a photo costs money but if looking at the photo brings you joy then I say its more than good enough to put on the wall!

Janet x

PS. I gave this photo a polish in the Finishing Room using Antique Haze to soften and lighten the photo.

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Bonnie-Jean - Beautiful photo – definitely one to go on the wall!

I can never decide on just one photo to have blown up for display. After I’d created a collage wall on the side on my fridge (that faces the lounge room) my husband came up with a nicer way for me to display my photos.

He made a series of display boards – mdf pieces cut into various sized rectangles which he then painted. He mounted 7 of these in my hallway. I regularly get favourite photos printed in the standard size and store them in a tub. From this tub I pull out ones I want to display on the boards. As the boards have been painted I can leave a ‘border’ around the photos which looks better than having masses of photos collaged over one another.

Every now and then I’ll pull the tub out and change the photoboards. Sometimes I’ll change all seven boards at once or I may just change one board.

I have one board that is purposefully at toddler height and on this one I always have photos of family members who live far away. As they’re only standard photos it doesn’t matter if they get grubby hands touching them!

Janet - Mum the Photographer - Bonnie-Jean, they sound great. Any chance you want to snap a photo for us to share your great idea with everyone?

Some great news from Instagram

LOVE LOVE LOVE Instagram … though I don’t use it like an artist. I use it to quickly pretty up a photo I’ve snapped on my phone invariably to send off to my husband. I actually feel guilty when I scroll through my Instagram account at how “terrible” the photos are … but I can’t see me changing anytime soon. I do tend to stick to the same one or two filters though (Sierra or Valencia) because I find the others too intense. But this week Instagram released an update which lets you control the intensity of the filter. Brilliant! Handy!

I reached back into 2010 to grab this photo of Will to use as an example today because while I love my six year old but I do miss this cute two year old. I’m not suggesting these have been edited correctly … I literally did them in a minute with a baby sitting on my lap.

There are new tools to play with too … my favourites after a quick play are Lux, Warmth and Sharpen. I’m not going to give you the full run down but rather point you to this great article on the Instagram blog.

If after a play you’ve got a photo you love, share it on our Facebook wall letting us know what filter, strength and tools you used.

Janet x


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Talia - I’ve just been playing with this today too. Love it!!

Nikki @ Wonderfully Women - Wow, they really do make such a huge difference. I have never used any of them, but I will certainly be ‘playing’ with my photo’s now. Thanks for sharing. xx N

The way it is right now …

I think being a parent for the third time, I know all too well how quickly they change. I see Quinn doing things now that make me flash back to Caleb and Will when they were the same age. But there will be no more babies (!!!) to cause me to remember so I am trying to make sure I photograph these things.

When I say “these things” they aren’t all “baby commercial” moments (though I am trying to capture those hugs and kisses too!). To say Quinn is Mummy’s Girl at the moment doesn’t probably quite describe strongly enough how close she wants to be.  I’m not complaining … she is my unexpected gift, and I am lapping up all this time I have with her as I worked in an office when the boys were this age. As she was hugging my leg the other day, babbling away at me I thought to myself, this needs to be on my list. This is Quinn at 13 months. Happy but closeby me.

So, before I started doing the dishes the other morning, I put my camera on the bench within reaching distance. It took 10 seconds to record this memory so that I’ll have it for a lifetime.

What could go onto your list of things you want to capture your children doing?

Janet x

PS. For those who have asked for more details on our photos, my settings were Aperture f/1.8, Shutter 1/320 and ISO 200. I used my cheapest (and oldest) lens – a Nikon 50mm 1.8D.


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Community Question

This week’s Quick Tip was to think about what is “not working” in your photos and to concentrate on just that one thing. A few people emailed us or left comments on our facebook wall about what they are struggling with at the moment, and one of these was a posing question.

“I am finding it hard to take photos of my two kids together. One is almost 4 and the other is 5 months…help lol…I have no idea how to get a good photo of them together.”

Getting great photos of your children together can be so difficult … gosh at times its hard to get a photo of one child by themselves! And a five month old can be a bit tricky as they aren’t often sitting up yet. I took this photo of my then 5 month old daughter with her 5 year old brother and I think it is one of the easiest ways to photograph children of any age together.

Lie them down on a bed or the floor and stand above them with your camera. It works well for a few reasons:

1. You can easily get an uncluttered background so there are no distractions. This one was taken on my bed and the cover was white. But you could easily change your background by lying them on a favourite wrap or baby blanket to have a patterned or bright background.

2. Because the children are both the same distance from the camera, there is less chance of missing the focus on both of them. I am often guilty of setting my aperture too wide and only having one child sharp because the other is sitting further from the camera.

3. You can get the children’s heads in nice and close no matter what their heights which makes for a nice cosy family photo.

4. I find it easy to get the kids to smile or giggle by giving them a little bounce on the bed.

Hope this helps … and I’ll get to the other community questions on the blog too.

Janet x

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