In Love with the Little Moments App

I’m a bit lazy when it comes to using the camera on my phone. I don’t feel the need to be up there with amazing iphonographers … in fact, I think one of the reasons I love using my phone so much is that I don’t judge myself for the photos that I take using it. Of course, now that I need to put my camera snaps up on the blog I’m not loving them so much! I love simple apps that let you quickly (and easily … I hate reading instructions!) jazz up a photo. So I’ve been eagerly awaiting the new Little Moments app by Chantelle, the author of Fat Mum Slim. And the wait was absolutely worth it because its fantastic!

The filters are fresh and there is a great variety. I’ve been having a bit of a play over the last few days and my favourites to date are Candy, Lucky, Peta and Rowe. Like the new update to instagram, you can control the strength of the filter to optimise it to your photo.  Its so easy to add text, position it and change the colour. And there are a heap of great fonts.  You can add a bit of whimsy to your photos with the some little doodles called “Full of Fun” and the “Life Inspired” quotes are just lovely.

One of the best parts of this app is that you aren’t constrained to just square images. The Little Moments App gives you the option of 1:1, 3:4, and 4:3.

If you play along in Fat Mum Slims’s Photo-A-Day you get oh so handy daily prompt reminders. I think this is going to make it so much easier for me to play along, which I am doing again this month. Remember, I don’t feel the need to take perfect photos … today’s prompt was Red & White. While its not a perfect photo what I do love about it is that we had fun taking it and playing around with her red tutu and beads! Over the course of the day, I realised how many red and white things there are around us. The prompt was a nod to Canada Day which made me think of some dear friends! I’m looking forward to being a part of this Photo-a-Day project so that I spend more time taking in hat is around me rather than just seeing the same things.

If you love taking photos using your iPhone then this beautiful app is well worth a look … so many people agree that it is the #1 downloaded app! Click here to download it and then pop on over to Fat Mum Slim to tell Chantelle just how clever you think she is! I can’t wait to use it more!!

Janet x


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Chantelle - Thank you so much for sharing. I loved your post. xxx

Janet - Mum the Photographer - Its such a great app Chantelle. Its very eviden how much work you’ve put into it. Such a polished piece of work. Thank you!