How I chose my pro photographer

With the arrival of my number four, the beautiful Thomas, I knew that I needed some professional photos to help commemorate this special time.  We haven’t had pro photos taken with every child.  But being our last, I just knew that I’d regret it if I let his babyhood slip by without a few lovely shots of the two of us together.

My key piece of advice to anyone considering having professional shots taken is “keep searching until you find a photographer whose work you immediately fall in love with”.  I chose Broderick Photography, and am absolutely thrilled with the result.  I knew as soon as I landed on the Broderick Photography home page (see image below) that she was the photographer for me!  Her images were so artistic, and in all the right tones for what I had in mind.

I’m writing this post because there is a lot to consider when choosing a pro photographer, so I’m going to explain my thinking behind my choice.

I began by considering what I wanted to actually DO with the photos.  This is a really crucial thing to consider before choosing your photographer.  I wasn’t after an album or a DVD full of photos – I take a gazillion photos of my own kids for those purposes!  What I really wanted were 1 or 2 lovely photos that I could enlarge and hang in my bedroom.  I specifically wanted something a bit ‘arty’, but still relaxed, and something that celebrated me being a young mum having finished the creation of our family.  I also wanted the photo to be timeless as  I plan to have it on the wall for … well, forever!

I initially turned to google and was a little underwhelmed by the plethora of choices I was faced with.  Don’t get me wrong, some amazing photographers popped up, but none of them had the ‘feel’ that I was looking for.  On a whim I re-visited the blog of our wedding photographer (from all those years ago!) and I just KNEW immediately that she was the lady for me.  The photos on Juanita’s website were exactly the type of artistic look I was hoping to achieve.

Here’s a handful of the photos from the shoot.  My biggest problem now is deciding which one to enlarge and frame!  This is a good problem to have!

If you find yourself in the market for a professional photographer, I definitely urge you to keep searching until you find one whose photos you simply love.  The photographer’s portfolio will show off the style of photos that you will receive, so it’s super important that you have an immediate connection to the photos on their website.  It also helps to have a really clear idea of what you want to do with your photos.  That way you can communicate your vision with the photographer and they will have the best chance of giving you something you will treasure forever.

Liana xx





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