How does it make you feel?

A couple of weeks ago I had a beautiful afternoon with Will … he’d finished school early after a sports carnival and we had lunch out together (with Quinn, and man did she make a mess!!). He is such a wonderful date as he loves to chat. He mentioned that he thought it was time for a haircut so we popped into the Barber before heading home. He asked me to take a photo for my husband to see his new haircut and Quinn was sitting in her highchair next to him. I quickly took this photo before gathering up the tooth brushes as we were all heading to the dentist that afternoon.

I’d quickly checked the photo on the display screen of my camera before running out the door and I thought I had a real winner. They’d both been so happy. I remember wanting to get home that afternoon so I could download the photo properly. Of course nothing went to plan and it wasn’t until the next day that I opened the photo on my computer. Much to my dismay, I’d “stuffed” it up … Will was sharply in focus but Quinn was not. But I still kept coming back to it.

It doesn’t matter if your photo is perfect …. ask yourself how it makes you feel? And don’t ask your perfectionist brain, rely on what your heart is telling you. When I look at this photo of my children, I’m not focussing on the imperfect focus, I just feel love and joy. So its a definite keeper. Of course next time I’ll try to make it “perfect”. But life often gets busy, its been 3 weeks since I took this photo and despite my intentions to take another like it, I haven’t.

Don’t disregard an “imperfect photo” if when you look at it, it makes you smile! Because if it does this, it really is a perfect photo afterall!!

Janet x

PS. I did edit this photo to reduce the contrast between the sharp focus on Will and the soft focus on Quinn.

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