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My Mother’s Day Gift

Remember how I had a plan to be in photos with my children this year by having one on each of their birthdays’ … does one out of three count? Not really does it! So last week I wrote a note to my three children letting them know that the best present they could give […]

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Using your images to make BIG prints for your home

Many of us have snazzy cameras these days and one of the benefits of these cameras is that they produce really large photos. Not a lot of people (including me!) take advantage of this and actually print their photos to the size that’s possible.  This month as part of my challenge to display more photos […]

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How to take photos of fast activities – In Focus

Do you ever struggle to take ‘sharp’, or “in-focus” photos of your children?  It’s a really common problem for people with new DSLR cameras.  While you have more creative control with these cameras, you also need to understand your settings well to ensure that your photos are not going to be blurry or “soft”. There […]

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