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This blog is all about helping parents to create a beautiful photographic record of their children.  It is a great resource for anyone wanting to master their camera, whether it be a DSLR or a camera phone, in order to take great photos of their kids.

Have a browse through our Blog for articles that we hope will inspire you and teach you at the same time.   Here on the blog we cover topics including lighting, composition, camera equipment, inspiration for mini-shoots, capturing the everyday, displaying your photos beautifully and much more.

In addition to accessing all that the blog has to offer, you can also access our shop to purchase the full Mum the Photographer online program – a lifetime membership to tutorials and exercises that covers all aspects of photographing your children and maximising your camera.

The duo behind Mum the Photographer are Liana McCluskey and Janet Rogers.  Between us we have six children and absolutely love documenting their young lives through photographs.  Liana currently runs a boutique photography business in South East Queensland, while Janet is a super Mum the Photographer and does an awesome job of capturing her active boys and their new born baby sister.  We embarked on this journey after coming to realise that the photos we took of our first borns weren’t really up to scratch.  We both studied, read, practiced, practiced & practiced some more until our photos began to reflect the true lives that our kids were living.  We are both passionate about sharing these learnings with other mums who also enjoy photographing their children – it is so easy to improve simply by understanding a few of the basics.

Enjoy browsing the blog!  We share many tips and tricks on how to easily improve your photos starting today.  We urge any newcomers to also check out our free lighting module (one of the modules in the Mum the Photographer online course) that gives away the key secrets to capturing great shots of little ones …. finding the right light!  Access this free module by clicking the “Free Module” menu item at the top of the page.

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